In 2019 our Republican led State House voted on the ESA, better know as the voucher bill. This bill pulls money away from our public schools and pumps it into private schools. History shows that the voucher program has led to failing schools and corruption. My opponent, Jason Zachary, initially voted against the bill. Zachary claimed that the voucher bill was a bad bill for the state. After a break in the voting and a back room deal, Jason Zachary had flipped his vote in support of the voucher bill. He sold out our students, our teachers, and our future. Now Zachary and other lawmakers are under federal and state investigation for corruption. I am firmly against the voucher system. I believe that we must fund all public schools in our state equally so that all children get a fair chance to succeed.


I will fight to get pay raises for all teachers and school staff. The teachers in our state are underpaid and deserve to be paid a wage that is competitive with the best paid American teachers. We must seek to better fund our classrooms. Too often teachers are being forced to spend their own money to purchase school supplies, without compensation. We are better than this.

I will also seek to enhance technical and vocational training in our schools. I will look to partner companies with local schools so that when these students graduate they have good paying jobs waiting for them and the companies can strengthen their workforce.


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