I have lived in East Tennessee my entire life. This is where my family lives. This is home. I am the proud father of two amazing kids, Mia and Jack. Just like me, I want them to grow up in a state that is filled with beauty and kind people.


But as great as Tennessee is, I know we can do better. We can improve our education system. We can begin by paying teachers better, surpassing the national pay average. We can improve infrastructure and encourage business growth, while also protecting our beautiful land and precious resources. We can lead the way in social justice and enhance community services in our state.


Term limits should be instituted to avoid political corruption and to give more citizens the chance to serve, bringing in new ideas. We should make sure that women get equal pay in the workplace. We can pass legislation that sets mandatory paid maternity leave. We will end the opioid crisis in our state and make gains in healthcare for our citizens.


I believe we all have a part to play in this and I am asking for your help. Our state is more than just volunteers, we are leaders. Now, let’s join together to push Tennessee forward!


- Justin Davis



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