I have lived in East Tennessee my entire life. This is where my family lives. This is home. I am a proud father and husband. I understand what folks here are looking for. Whether we are Democrats or Republicans we all want great schools, access to healthcare, quality jobs, and a clean environment. We want our children to have a chance at a quality education. We want to have access to healthcare so that our loved ones can live happy and productive lives. We take great pride in our work and we want jobs that will provide for our families. We want to protect our beautiful land and waterways here in East Tennessee.


The devil is in the details, how do we accomplish these goals? I remember a time when politicians worked across the aisle to get things done for their constituents. Sadly, bipartisanship is a thing of the past. I can promise that I will go to work for you, not the special interests.


My opponent flipped his vote on school vouchers after cutting a backroom deal. This diverted funding from public education to private schools. Is this the type of representation we want in our district? I think we deserve better. I promise that my door will always be open, even to those who may not always agree with me. Representing all constituents is what I will be elected to do. I am not asking you to vote for a political party. I am asking you to vote for a candidate who believes in honesty and integrity. Vote for the candidate who listens to constituents, not one who ignores them. I am asking for the opportunity to represent you. Give me that chance and if you don’t like the job I do then vote me out in two years. The choice is yours!



Justin Davis



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