Ignoring Gun Violence In Schools

It might do some good if more of our leaders read John Kennedy's book Profiles In Courage. I see many spineless leaders who fear that they might anger the gun lobby. They value profit and political power over the lives of our children. I find such acts of cowardice to be repulsive. #CommonSenseGunReform #votethemout



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Teacher Pay

I keep telling voters that our teachers are underpaid and under appreciated. I intend to fight for our teachers. We need to raise teacher/administration pay so that it ranks in the top 10 in the natio

Equal Pay For Equal Work

There are many issues that we must address here in Tennessee. One issue that is personal to me is that of women’s rights, notably equal pay for equal work. My wonderful wife Lauren has spent many year

TN Childhood Obesity

This is a problem for our state. Many obese children remain obese in adulthood. This leads to many health problems down the road. We have beautiful lakes, rivers, and mountains. Maybe we should encour


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